Our Pricing

Here's a summary of our services and pricing:

Estimates – FREE with no obligation to buy.

Digital Restoration – $80–$150  (scan, restore and print up to 8x10)

We scan and restore old photos, and can correct newer digital photos too. Pricing is for a typical restoration, but might be higher for severely damaged photos. We offer volume price adjustments.

Scanning/Digitizing – $1/photo (100+ photos = 75¢, 250+ = 50¢)

$2 each for 8x10 photos and 35 mm slides (100+ = $1.50, 250+ = $1)  There is a $40 minimum for scanning services. 

Photo printing – We provide one FREE print with digital restoration (up to 8x10). If you want additional prints, they are priced at $5 each, and $10 for 8x10 photos.

Schedule – Restorations are usually completed in 5 to 10 working days depending on current workload. We'll send the restored digital image to you by email as a high-resolution JPEG file at no charge, or on removable media for $15.

Payment Options

For your convenience we send all estimates, invoices, and receipts for your order by email. We are happy to send another way if you prefer.

We accept most major forms of payment including:

Cash, Check, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal and Venmo.

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