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Our Pricing


Quick Photo Restoration – $100 (5+ photos = $80 each)

An abbreviated cleanup for the cost conscious. Photo printing is also available.

Full Photo Restoration – $150+ (5+ photos = $120 each)

A typical full restoration is usually between $130 and $170. Large, complex or severely damaged photos will cost more. Photo printing is also available.

Photo Colorization – $100+ (5+ photos = $80 each)

This is an added service once restoration is complete. We can translate your black and white photos to full color, or add selective color depending on your interest. Highly complex or intricate photos may cost a bit more.

Photo Scanning (BULK) – $1/photo ($100 minimum)

Photos must be very clean, sorted and organized by size; must be standard format, from 3x5 to 5x7. Larger sizes will need to be flatbed scanned.

Photo Scanning (Flatbed) – $3/photo, and $3/slide ($100 minimum)

This is a higher quality scan but takes more time. Photos must be clean and organized by size. Standard sizes up to 8x10 can be flatbed scanned.

Photo Printing – Varies by size ($10 minimum)

We partner with select vendors to provide photo printing services. We specify satin finish archival paper so your photos will last. Pricing depends on size and quantity so get in touch if you have any questions.


Graphic Design – $100/hour ($300 minimum)

We provide design services including layout, asset creation and digital ads. We can also assist you with writing and other content development.

Video Edits, Audio Edits & Text additions – $100/hour ($300 minimum)

We can edit, sequence, adjust audio, add titles or lower third labels to your video.

Photo & Fine Art Documentation – $100+/photo

Large format images must be photographed, de-skewed and color adjusted. Pricing for high volume is significantly less.

Customers can drop-off and pickup at our offices at no charge. Travel requests or pick up/delivery requests of our staff is billed at $100/hr.

Payment Options

For your convenience we send all estimates, 
invoices, and receipts for your order by email.

We accept most major forms of payment including:

Cash, Credit Card, Venmo, Cash App & Zelle.

We also accept Checks and Bank Transfers,
but these options will increase the timeline for a project.

Contact Us

Do you have photos in need of repair? Photos to scan? Get in touch!

Call or text 713-724-5682, or use our email form below.

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