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Legal Terms & Conditions

Pic-Fix assumes that any photo, document or other media that we are asked to restore, use or reproduce is free from any legal or intellectual property restrictions. Pic-Fix customers are responsible for acquiring any necessary permissions and legal rights to media provided to us. Pic-Fix is not responsible for acquiring rights or permissions, and will assume no legal liability for editing, restoring or reproducing any provided materials.

For more information on photography rights and usage please perform a web search for "photo rights and reproduction." The law as it pertains to copying or reproducing media is not always straight-forward.


Things to be aware of prior to having your media scanned, reprinted or restored:

- Get permission from the photographer/copyright owner if necessary

- Reproducing some materials and images may qualify for “fair use.”

- If you intend to resell any materials make sure you can do so legally

Photo paper and film can be fragile, especially as it ages. We do our very best to take excellent care of all of your family items. Removal of photos or other artwork from an existing frame may result in additional charges. Occasionally something is brought to us that is exceptionally damaged or dirty. In these cases we may not be able to restore the item(s) and we may need to charge a fee to physically clean or repair an item. It's extremely unlikely, but it is possible that some media could be damaged in the process of capturing the image. In the event this does happen Pic-Fix will not be financially responsible for any damage incurred while scanning, capturing, unframing or photographing provided materials.

We occasionally use customer's images to demonstrate our services and capabilities. Customer provided images may be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to, using customer images on the Pic-Fix website, on social media, in email campaigns and in print promotions.

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